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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

US Open of Surf 2011

For the last three years I've had a chance to head down to Huntington Beach to camp out on the pier and watch the US Open of Surfing.   Every year it seems to get bigger and bigger with more and more people showing up. 

This year I got up early every day and headed to my spot on the pier to catch 4 days worth of action, mainly the Men's Rounds 2-5. 

My favorite part of the days were the early mornings before the competition started when the pros practiced their tricks and surfed freely. I had the opportunity to catch some video of a few barrel rides and some aerials that they probably wouldn't of tried during competition.  I was especially excited to get some more pictures of Kelly Slater who is considered by most to be the Michael Jordon of Surfing.  The dude is a legend.  I also enjoyed watching Dane Reynolds and Kolohe Andino do their thing.

A sample of some of the pics I took can be found at my US Open of Surfing 2011 Flickr set.  I'll be adding more to it as I go through all my pictures as there were so many good pictures to choose from. 

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