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Monday, January 31, 2011

Stuck Behind A Prius

As I drove to work today I decided to take out my iphone and snap a quick shot of something that summarizes what frustrates the heck out of me on a daily basis.

 During my daily commute to and from work there are 3 things that I can almost guarantee that will happen:
  1. I'll some how get stuck behind a Prius.
  2. The Prius that I get stuck behind will almost always have just merged into the fast lane ahead of me only to slow down to 55MPH messing up my nice pace of 70-75 MPH.
  3. The Prius in front of me will almost always leave about 10 car lengths of space in front of them while they continue to drive at a snail like 55 MPH. 
I'm always amazed at how frequently this happens and I try to think about what the heck is wrong with these Prius drivers that makes them feel the need to merge into the fast lane if they're not going to keep pace. 

My questions for Prius drivers are:
  1. If Prius driver is going to continue to drive 55 MPH, why not stay in the middle lanes?  Why do they feel the need to merge into the faster lanes only to continue to drive at the same slow speed that they were driving in lane that they decided to merge from?  Obviously they are not in a hurry to get anywhere, so why get into the fast lane?
  2. WTF is up with the 10 car lengths of space that Prius driver almost always leaves in front of them?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Baby, Yes Baby!

While helping move Holly out of her place at the Gardens in Huntington Beach we had a lot of things that we had to throw out.  After a making a few trips taking out the trash I finally noticed this warning sign on the side of the dumpster:

If I'm reading this correctly this sign is instructing one not to throw a baby in the dumpster, but to instead give the baby to someone in the medical field or the blue cross.  Please tell me that the reason why I find this funny is because it is a joke and that people in the HB Gardens don't really throw babies in the dumpster on a frequent enough basis to warrent a sign instructing them not to!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cake Tasting

Yesterday we went cake tasting for our upcoming wedding. We tasted so many awesome cakes and fillings, but the best part of our visit was this cake topping that I saw on top of one of the samples they had.  Notice the claw marks in the cake as the groom is being dragged to the alter:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dancing HB Guy

While spending many afternoons riding our beach cruiser bikes along the beach to Huntington Beach Pier my fiance and I would always see this guy dancing at the plaza.  He was out there almost every time we went to the pier during most of 2010.  He would dance for hours at a time definitely to his own beat and gradually added more and more moves to his repertoire each time we saw him.  Here is a sample of part of his performance the last time we saw him in December which I captured with my iPhone.  Notice the crowd around him.  People just walking up are like WTF??? People who have been hanging out for a bit  have already tuned him out.  My favorite part is the Cartwheels, so wait for it!

Recapping 2010

For my 1st post I'll just add a link to some of my favorite pictures that I took in 2010. I didn't get a chance to take the camera out as much as I would of liked to in 2010, but I did get some great shots of the World's best surfers competing at the US Open of Surf in Huntington Beach.

The full set can be viewed here: US Open of Surf 2010 Men

I also tried to get some beach and sunset pictures in HB which I thought turned out OK. Here's one of my favorites from that set:

The whole set of some of my Huntingon Beach pictures can be seen here: HB Set

In November I took a trip to Phoenix to visit some family and watch the 49ers play the Cards. While there I was able to snap some nice pictures of Sedona right before a snow storm hit.

The complete set of Sedona Pictures can be seen here: Sedona, AZ 11.28.2010 Set

We also hiked up Camelback Mt where I took a few pics as well. You can see an assortment of some of my favorites that I took in 2010 here: EdBro Flickr Set 2010 Favorites