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Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Baby, Yes Baby!

While helping move Holly out of her place at the Gardens in Huntington Beach we had a lot of things that we had to throw out.  After a making a few trips taking out the trash I finally noticed this warning sign on the side of the dumpster:

If I'm reading this correctly this sign is instructing one not to throw a baby in the dumpster, but to instead give the baby to someone in the medical field or the blue cross.  Please tell me that the reason why I find this funny is because it is a joke and that people in the HB Gardens don't really throw babies in the dumpster on a frequent enough basis to warrent a sign instructing them not to!

1 comment:

Pathmanson said...

Seems like they have them on hospital doors and some other places too to tell people that they can leave unwanted babies there, Not in dumpsters. I have heard of babies being dumped in dustbins...