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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mountain Bike Ride - Biship Ranch

I recently took my mountain bike out for a ride through the Bishop Ranch Hills off of Bolinger in San Ramon, CA.  The trail started off a little too steep for me to ride, so I had to walk my bike up the first 50 yards or so of the trail.  Once I got up the initial ascent I was able to start the ride.  The trail that turned onto had a lot of dips, turns,  and some great views of Mt Diablo and the San Ramon Valley.  My ride back down the steep part of the hill resulted in me going over my handle bars and doing 3 somersaults as I tried to brake at the last 30 yards before the end of the trail.  I was fine except for some of the flesh on my elbow, shoulder, legs. 

The trail began with this nice view of the sun beginning to set behind the oak trees:

Once I got to the peak of the hill I had these views of the sun shining on the Mt Diablo and the hills of the San Ramon Valley:

Here's a picture of part of the trail with the starting to set behind the hill:

Here are my stats and info from the ride:

Name:Bishop Ranch San Ramon
Date:Jul 26, 2011 7:18 pm
(valid until Jan 23, 2012)
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Distance:4.84 miles
Elapsed Time:1:16:35
Avg Speed:3.8 mph
Max Speed:25.1 mph
Avg Pace:15' 49" per mile
Min Altitude:474 ft
Max Altitude:977 ft
Start Time:2011-07-27T02:18:16Z
Start Location: 
 Latitude: 37.749596º N
 Longitude:121.963113º W
End Location: 
 Latitude: 37.749574º N
 Longitude:121.963155º W

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