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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yosemite Valley Bike Ride

Last weekend we decided to head up to the Brosius Hide Out (my parent's cabin) at Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland, CA. 

We headed up on Friday night so we could spend our Saturday fighting the crowds in Yosemite.  July weekends in the Yosemite Valley can get pretty crowded and this past Saturday was no exception.  It was a complete Zoo near all the easy access sights.  It was especially crowded near the Yosemite Falls because they are really roaring right now and it is pretty easy to access by shuttle. 

We decided to try and avoid  the crowded areas and just ride our beach cruiser bikes around the bike trails in the valley.  The bike trail circles the valley, so it made for some nice sights, but there were also some patches of the trail that went by the various shuttle stops where it got pretty congested with clueless, lost looking people who are oblivious to space.  I always get a kick out of the people who see me coming towards them on my bike, look right at me as they walk right into the middle of the bike path, and then have a confused look on their face when they see me have to hit the breaks to avoid hitting them.  It cracks me up at how frequent this happens. 

Well anyway, it was too crowded to drive around the park.  Next time I go to Yosemite, I'll stick to my normal plan of hitting it up on a week day.  I only took a handful of pictures this time from my bike:

The rest of the pics can be seen here: Yosemite July, 2011.

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