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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Captain 49er

In November I went to Phoenix to watch my 49ers play against the Cardinals for a Monday Night Football game where the Niners kicked ass in one of their few great performances of the season!  We got there super early to tailgate and had a blast drinking beers and grilling up some carne asada and brawts!  I of course showed up in my #42 Ronnie Lott Jersey and full 49er gear which I thought that I might catch a lot of crap for from Cardinal fans since I was wearing my Jersey in enemy territory.  To my surpise thousands of 49ers fans had shown up in full force...including this guy who we saw in the parking lot as we were setting up our tailgate party...

Notice the socks in the crotch to give the costume the full effect.  I thought his get up was hilarious so I had to take a pic!  As great as his costume was the game was greater.  I'd say that 49ers fans made up about 40% to 50% of the attendance that night and to our delight the Niners whooped ass 27-6!

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