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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vegas Baby! Vegas!!!

On the way to and from Zion we traveled through Vegas!  On the whole flight there I kept saying "Vegas Baby..Vegas"!!!  Holly got annoyed at how many times I kept saying it so I was told to come up with a new saying.  The only alternative I could think of was saying "Las Vegas...Child, Las Vegas (in a nerd voice).  This annoyed her even more.

So we got to Vegas and checked in at the MGM.  We then had a nice meal and a great bottle of wine at Fiamma Trattoria & Bar before heading to go see .  This was my first show in Vegas and it didn't dissapoint.  I loved how the stage moved in all kinds of different angles even getting completely vertical at times.  It was cool. 

After the show we hit one of the bars for a few drinks, but before calling it a night I grabbed my camera and hit the strip to snap off a few pics.  I can't say they turned out as good as I would of liked because I was kind of rushing.  It is Vegas and you don't want to be wasting your time in Vegas trying to get that perfect picture right???  It's also kind of distracting when you have drunks jumping in front of your camera saying "Take a picture of me!!!" 

Here's a few that I took:

MGM from one of the walkways

Paris on the Vegas Strip
The Vegas STrip from the New York New York Walkway
The Water Show @ The Bellagio
The Luxor
I posted more pictures from Vegas to my Flickr site @ Vegas 2.13.2011.

On our way back from Zion we checked in at Treasure Island which I'll have to say smelled like an Ashtray.  I wasn't impressed, but the bartender show at Kahunaville was pretty cool.  They had three bartenders come out to intros and video highlights like WWE or UFC.  They then did some tricks like Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail.  It was cool.  It was even cooler when they gave us free shots of what they just made!

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